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Avicennia marina

Authority(Forsk.) V.
Common namesmangrove, grey mangrove
Ecocrop code3576

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An evergreen shrub or small tree reaching 1-10 m in height, with a straight or crooked trunk to 20-40 cm in diameter and an open, branched, and rounded crown. In northern Australia some specimens may attain up to 25 m in height and 150 cm in diameter. USES Wood used for poles, ribs of boats, and fuel. Bark yields a brown dye. Bark, roots, and leaves contain tannin. The flowers are a source of honey. The fruits can be cooked and eaten and leaves can be fed to livestock. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Black mangrove, Mangrove, Grey mangrove, Manawa, Witseebasboom, Mchu, Afiafy, Shora, Venkandal, Api-api jambu, Api-api hitam, Api-api merah, Bongalon, Hirugi-damashi. FURTHER INF Black mangrove is common and often the domminant species in mangrove swamp forests and salt marshes in mud flats of tidal zones along silt shores and along adjacent river banks at sea level. It is often a pioneer in mud. It can be found along the shores of the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, South China Sea, and Southern Pacific.
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