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Avena byzantina

AuthorityC. Koch
SynonymsAvena algeriensis
Common namesAlgerian oat, red oat, Mediterranean oat, avena amarilla
Ecocrop code3568

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A grass. USES Cereals are fed to livestock or eaten in porridge and oatcakes. GROWING PERIOD Annual grass, for cereals growing 110-270 days. Varieties divided into spring and winter types. COMMON NAMES Red oat, Mediterranean oat, Algerian oat. FURTHER INF Red oat is native to Asia. It is more heath tolerant than Avena sativa. Hot, humid weather during ripening favors development of diseases. Heavy, poorly drained soils and soils with high nitrogen levels are likely to cause lodging. Average seed yield is about 1.8-2 tha, while good yields can reach 3 t/ha.
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