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Atriplex hortensis

Common names
Ecocrop code3549

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An erect herbaceous plant that may reach a height of 1-3 m often reddish in colour. USES Used as a green, cooked vegetable. It can also be fed to livestock. Also grown as a garden ornamental. GROWING PERIOD Annual. The harvest usually begin in about 40 days when the plants have reached 10-15 cm in height. COMMON NAMES Garden orach, Butler leaves, Orach, French spinach, Mountain spinach, Orache, Garden Orache, Trädgårdsmålla, Hagemelde, Have-Mælde, Tarhamaltsa, Garten-Melde. FURTHER INF Garden orach is native of Europe and Asia. Photosynthesis pathway C3.
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