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Astrebla squarrosa

AuthorityC.E. Hubb
Common names
Ecocrop code3513

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A persistant and resistant tussock grass with a rootstock cosisting of many short, stout, thick, branched, scaly rhizomes. USES Use for continuously pasture. KILLING T Tolerates frost. GROWING PERIOD Summer-growing perennial. COMMON NAMES Bull mitchell grass. FURTHER INF The latitudinal range of Hoop mitchell grass in Australia is between 18 and 28°30'S. The plant can be found at altitudes between 300-1000 m. Burning is undesirable in most years, but michell grass recovers well from occasional accidental fires. Rain after the grass have matured and "hayed off" may cause mould growth, making the grass inedible. Carrying capacity is rated to 1 sheep/1-2 hectares with 600 mm rainfall, 1 sheep/2 hectars with 300 mm raifall and 1 cattle/15 hectares.
SOURCES (Astrebla squarrosa C.E. Hubb.)
Skerman P 1990 pp 199-205 [TEXT, RAIN, TEMP, KTMP, DRA, SAL, PH, FER, LIG]