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Albizia falcataria

Authority(L.) Fosb.
SynonymsAlbizia moluccana
Common names
Ecocrop code347

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A fast-growing deciduous tree attaining a height of 25-30 m or up to 45 m and a trunk diameter of 80 cm. The crown is narrow in close plantations but spreading in the open. USES The wood can be used for pulp, fiberboard, particle-board, veneer, pallets, boxes, furniture components, matches, firewood, and charcoal. The tree can be utilized in reforestation, for shade or as an ornamental. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. One of the fastest growing of all trees, it can under favorable conditions reach 15 m in 3 years, 30 m in 10 years, and 45 m in 17 years. It is typically grown on 8-15 years rotations for pulpwood. COMMON NAMES Batai, Molucca albizia, Moluccan sau, Djeungjing, Sengon, Falcata, Vaivai, Puah, White albizzia, Kayu macis, Tamalini, Mara, Placata, Plakata, Banda. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: A. moluccana, A. falcata. Paraserianthes falcataria. Batai is indigenous to Papua New Guinea, West Iran, the Solomon Islands, and the Moluccas. It can be found at altitude between sea-level and 2000 m, but generally does best below 1000 m. The tree occur naturally within the latitudinal range of 3°N-10°S. It fixes nitrogen and is mentioned as a possible agroforestry species. Optimum annual wood production is 10-50 m3/ha. The tree is sensitive to high winds, and have a massive root system that is known to contribute to soil erosion on steep slopes. It should therefore not be planted on exposed places or on steep hillsides. It is not suited for dry sands and it is very fire tender.
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