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Artocarpus hirsutus

Common names
Ecocrop code3433

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A tall evergreen tree reaching up to 50 m in height and a girth of 5 m or more, with a straight clean stem and dense foliage. Leaves broadly ovate or elliptical, entire on mature trees and deeply lobed on young trees. The fruit is yellow, ovoid, about the size of a lemon ans covered with spines. USES The wood is used for house and boat building, furniture, etc. Leaves are used as fodder for elephants. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Ranphannas, Patphannas, Heb halasu, Anjili, Aini. FURTHER INF Ranphannas occurs in southwestern India at elevations up to 1300 m. It is not resistant to fire, but stands a moderate amount of shade.
Troup R 1921 pp 876-878 [RAIN, TEXT, FER, DEP, DRA, LIMITS, LIG, USE]