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Artemisia abrotanum

Common namessouthernwood, lad's love, old-man, brotan, abrotanum, abrotano, flor de Diana, erva lombrigueira
Ecocrop code3389

DESCRIPTION: Southernwood is an erect-growing shrub up to 2 m in height. The plant is characterized by its many branches, gray-green aromatic leaves, and rarely blooming yellow-white flowers. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial shrub. USE: It is valued as both an ornamental and aromatic plant. Although primarily grown as an ornamental, the plant has an essential or volatile oil containing absinthol. The lemon-scented leaves and flowers are sometimes used in herbal teas. Young shoots have been used to flavour pastries and puddings. Branches are used to produce a dye of deep yellow colour for use with wool. As a medicinal plant, it is traditionally considered an antiseptic, astringent, emmenagogue, febrifuge, stimulant, tonic, stomachic, and vermifuge. It has also been used against coughs, tumors, and cancers. Southernwood is thought to be an insect and moth repellent. COMMON NAMES: Southernwood, Lad's love, Southern wormwood. FURTHER INF: It is native to southern Europe.
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