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Arrhenatherum elatius

Authority(L.) P. Beauv. ex J.S. Presi & C. Presl
Common names
Ecocrop code3387

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A loosely tufted grass with stout culms up to 100-150 cm tall. USES Used for pasture and hay. GROWING PERIOD Perennial, growing spring to autumn. It is well adapted for cutting 2-3 times a year. COMMON NAMES Meadow oat grass, False Oat grass, Tall oat grass, French rye grass, Avoine elevee, Frenasse, Fromental, Ray-grass francais, Azekkoun, Sha'ferug. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: Avena elatior. Meadow oat grass is native of North Africa and western Asia. It can be found at elevations between sea level and 3000 m.
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