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Armoracia rusticana

AuthorityP. Gaertner, Meyer & Scherb.
SynonymsNasturtium armoracia Fries, Cochlearia armoracia L., Armoracia lapathifolia Gilib.
Common nameshorseradish, horse radish, red cole, rabano picante, meerrettich, raifort, pepparrot, pepper rod, mierikwortel, rafano, rabano-picante, khren, wasabi, lagen, fujl har
Ecocrop code3384

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herbaceous plant with a long, fleshy, cylindrical taproot. USES The roots and leaves are used as food or condiment. The roots are usually dried and ground before being mixed with vinegar or other liquid. The flavour is due to the presence of allyl isothyocyanate. GROWING PERIOD Perennial herb, normally grown as an annual. COMMON NAMES Horse radish. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: A. lapathifolia, Cochlearia armoracia. In the tropics it can only be grown at high elevations. Native of south-eastern Europe. Horse radish is commercially grown as an annual to prevent it from becoming a weed pest.
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