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Aristida latifolia

Common names
Ecocrop code3373

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: A 40-60 cm tall, glabrous grass with robust culms and a shallow root system. GROWING PERIOD: Short lived perennial. USE: Can be used for pasture but will not withstand heavy grazing, is not common in pastures stocked with horses and is generally ignored in favour of more palatable grasses. COMMON NAMES: Feathertop wire grass, Curly spear grass. FURTHER INF: Feathertop wire grass is common in semi-arid open grassland, largely confined to cracking clay soils. It is regarded as an undesirable species in the Mitchell grass grasslands of western Queensland. Its three-awned seed when present in wool increases processing costs and result in lower woll prices. The seeds also work their way into the muscles of the sheep. It can be found at altitudes between 0-300 m and latitudes between 10-30°S.
Grassland Index
Skerman P 1990 pp 196-198 [TEXT, RAIN, DEP, DRA, TEMP]