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Aristida adscensionis

SynonymsAristida adscensionis L. ssp guineensis (Trin. & Rupr.) Henr., Aristida curvata (Nees) Dur. & Schinz, Aristida submucronata Schumach.
Common namesannual bristle grass, steekgras, sixweeks threeawn, annual threeawn, eenjarige steekgras
Ecocrop code3369

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A grass with many-noded, yellow to bright-green culms reaching up to 90 cm in height. USES Used as a pasture grass and for erosion control. KILLING T Tolerate frosts. GROWING PERIOD Annual grass. COMMON NAMES Six-weeks three-awn, Common needle grass, Seko, Fari n'Tchaoua, Tsuntsujar dutsi, Gau, Herma, Um Hiraibu, El Gaw um Asabie, Balbirhet, Bille, Birreh, Harfo, Madweid, Ebateetee, Atamos, Aitamusi, Ol'nyoil. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: A. submucronata, A. curvata, A. guineensis, A. mauritiana, Aristida caerulescens. Six-weeks three-awn can be found at elevations between sea level and 2250 m. It is a common pioneer species on disturbed poor soil in waste land, rocky places, grassland, open bush and fallows.
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