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Anisoptera scaphula

Common names
Ecocrop code3230

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A tall tree reaching a height of 30-45 m and a girth of 3-4.5 m. The trunk is prominently buttressed. USE The timber is used for general light construction such as door and window frames, weatherboards, decorative panelling, ceilings, beams and scantlings, girders, rafters, packing cases, furniture etc. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Boilam, Mersawa, Benchaloi, Kayu pengiran, Kelapok, Palosapis, Kaunghmu, Kaban, Boilam, Phdiek, Trabak, Ven ven, Krabak, Tabak, Mersawa gajah, Sanai, Terbak, Taungsagaing, Kaunghmuyweth-the, Champa bai lek, Cha muang. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: A. glabra, Vatica scaphula, Hopeoides scaphula. Boilam can be found in Assam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and the Malayan Peninsular in areas with high humidity (70-90%). It occurs on almost flat areas, on undulating land and in valleys at elevations between sea level and 700 m. Yields may be between 15-40 m3/ha/year. The tree is shade tolerant in youth. (pH estimated by the compiler).
SOURCES (A. scaphula (Roxb.) Kurz)
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