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Angophora costata

Common names
Ecocrop code3221

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium sized to tall tree reaching 15-27 m in height, while the trunk may reach 50-120 cm in diameter. The bole may be sort or long and straight. The crown is irregular branched and open. Sapwood pale and up to 5 cm wide, heartwood light pinkish-brown, very hard but not durable, moderately close-textured, with rather interlocked grain and of moderate strength. USES The wood is not durable in contact with the ground. It is used for rough flooring, slabs, fence rails, palings, hardboard and as fuelwood. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Smooth-barked apple, Red-barked apple tree, Brown apple tree, Red gum. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: A. lanceolata. In Australia, the latitudinal range of the tree is 21-37°S and it occur at elevations between sea level and 300 m. Smooth-barked apple grows on a wide range of topographical sites from small flats on the sea coast to the ridges of mountains and on inland plains. (pH estimated by the compiler).
SOURCES (A. costata (Gaertner) Britten)
Boland D 1984 pp 186-187 [TEMP, KTMP, RAIN, TEXT, DEP, DRA, FER, USE]