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Ailanthus altissima

SynonymsAilanthus glandulosa Desf.
Common namesAilanthus, tree of heaven, false varnish tree, copal tree, stink tree, ailanto, Ailanthusbaum, Götterbaum, arvore celeste
Ecocrop code2943

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium-sized deciduous tree commonly 6-10 m tall but may reach 20-30 m in height, with a straight or crooked trunk with a diameter of 30-100 cm. USES The wood is suitable for cabinetwork, furniture, woodenware, cellulose manufacture, and pulp. Bark and roots have medicinal properties. The tree can be grown as an ornamental, for shelter and erosion control. It is a hardy "city tree" very tolerant of pollution, dust and smoke. In Beijing, for example, it is used in urban forestry. Mentioned as a possible agroforestry species. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Withstands up to 8 months of drought. COMMON NAMES Ailanthus, Tree of heaven, China sumac, Waliyati drawa, Shin-ju, Arbol del cielo, Gîtterbaum. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: glandulosa. Ailanthus is native of northern China. It can be found at elevations between sea level and 2000 m. It is a prolific seeder and takes root anywhere a little earth has accumulated, it can poke up through cracks in concrete and find its way under buildings and walls. So it has the ability to become a serious pest. Planting only root cuttings of male trees might avoid problems of uncontrollable self-seeding.
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