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Agrostis tenuis

SynonymsAgrostis capillaris
Common names
Ecocrop code2941

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: A slender, erect, tufted grass with short rhizomes or stolons, and with narrow and sharply pointed leaves reaching 20-40 cm or up to 100 cm in height. USES: Used for pasture and lawns. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. COMMON NAMES: Colonial bentgrass, fine bentgrass, Rhode island bentgrass, Browntop, Common bentgrass. FURTHER INF: It occurs in Europe, northern Asia, United States, Australia, and New Zealand. It is found on dunes or sea cliffs to highlands. It is extremely resistant to summer heat and winter cold. Its climate requirements are thus low. Is present in atlantic or continental climates, at low or high altitude. Tolerates shade, for instance on the edges of forests. Optimum on normally drained or dry soils. Species typical of mesotrophic to oligotrophic conditions. Often reveals low phosphorus content in soil. Is often associated with Festuca rubra which nevertheless prefers slightly richer (mesotrophic) soils. The optimum conditions of soil fertility are met on sandy soils, on schists, on granits, on gneiss, where the soil reaction is acid, as well as on chalk, on dolomites, where the soil reaction is basic.
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