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Agrostis canina

Common namesvelvet bentgrass, brown bentgrass, dog bentgrass, agrostide aveludada
Ecocrop code2934

DESCRIPTION: Small sized grass, hairless, without rhizomes. Stems often horizontal then raised (ascendent), often stoloniferous, 10 to 60 cm high. Blade rolled when young. Leaves from the bottom with rolled, thin blade. Leaves of the stem with spreading but narrow blade. Blades always flexible, pale-green to greyish-green.
KILLING T: Very winter-hardy.
USE: Pasture.
COMMON NAMES: Velvet bentgrass, Brown bentgrass, Velvet bent, Agrostide des chiens, Hundsstraussgras, Kruipend struisgras, Hundehvene.
FURTHER INF.: Native to Europe and temperate Asia. Found from the lowlands to alpine levels in mountain areas. It has a large climate range and is very resistant to cold but sensitive to drought. Restricted to wet and very wet soils. Limited to nutrient poor soils but often with high organic matter content, namely peat soils. Optimum on very acid soils. Usually on siliceous soils: sand, schist, etc.
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