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Abroma augustum

Authority(L.) L.f.
Common names
Ecocrop code2561

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A little branched shrub or small tree under cultivation often 2-3.5 m tall, while growing wild it may reach up to 10 m, with a 1.5 m deep root system. USES The fiber is used for fish nets, washing lines, and false hair. The plant is also grown for soil reclamation. GROWING PERIOD Long-lived perennial. For high quality fiber it should be harvested when the flowers blossom after 100-120 days of growth. COMMON NAMES Perennial Indian hemp, Ramia sengat, Ambong, Annabo, Annabong, Anfu. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: A. fastuosa. Perennial Indian hemp is native of India and widespread in South East Asia. It can be found at elevations between sea level and 1200 m.It is commonly found in tufts or tickets, often seeming to prefer the edges of forests and clearings or the banks of watercourses. It thrives in high humidity and is not suitable for areas with a marked dry season. (pH estimated by the compiler).
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