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Abies alba

SynonymsAbies pectinata DC., Pinus picea L., Pinus pectinata Lem.
Common namessilver fir, abete, abete bianco, Tanne, Weisstanne, sapin argente, abeto blanco, Christmastree, European silver fir, white fir, sapin blanc, Silbertanne, abete argentato
Ecocrop code2550

DESCRIPTION: Tree: Up to 45-55 m tall and 200-260 cm dbh, with a long clear bole surmounted by a pyramidal crown that becomes flat-topped with age. Bark: Smooth, gray, scaly, with resin blisters. Branches: Grooved, pale brown or dull gray with a blackish pubescence. Leaves: Shade foliage 2-ranked, spreading horizontally; foliage in sun more or less erect. Needle base twisted, apex notched or rounded; 15-30 ◊ 1.5-2 mm; upper surface dark shiny green and grooved, usually lacking stomata; lower surface glaucous to whitish-green, keeled , with stomata in 5-8 ranks. Buds pale brown to reddish-brown, ovoid with an obtuse apex, sometimes resinous, diameter 8-11 mm, slightly pubescent. Cones: Cylindrical, attenuate at the ends, 10-16 ◊ 3-5 cm, green when young, turning red-brown.