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Phaseolus acutifolius

AuthorityA. Gray
Common namestepary bean, bean - tepary
Ecocrop code2516

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small herbaceous bush or weak trailing or twining vine, up to 30 cm in height and 50 cm in diameter, with white or slightly colored flowers, trifoliate leaves and small pods with 2-7 seeds. USES The beans are used as dry shell beans and are ground, fried, parched, or processed into a meal for commercial use. Can also be grown for hay and cover. GROWING PERIOD Annual. First harvest may be taken in 60-120 days from sowing. COMMON NAMES Tepary bean, Rice harcot bean, Dinawa, Frijol trigo, Frijol pinuelero, Garbancillo bolando, Haricot riz, Haricot Sudan, Texan bean, Tepari, Yori muni, Pavi, Xmayum, Escomite, Escumite. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: P. tenuifolius. The tepary bean occurs wild in Arizona and North West Mexico. It can be found at elevations between sea level and 1900 m. It cannot be grown in areas where night temperatures fall below 8°C. It can withstand heat and a dry atmosphere and only very few varieties are suited for the wet tropics. Excessive rainfall may create vegetative growth at the expense of seed yield. The crop can be grown on residual soil moisture. Average yields of dry seed under dry conditions are reported to be 450-800 kg/ha and with irrigation 0.9-1.7 t/ha. Yields of dry hay may be 4-10 t/ha.
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