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Coffea excelsa

Common names
Ecocrop code2508

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small evergreen tree reaching a height of up to 9 m. Young leaves are often shiny with a bronze-violet color. Berries are borne in heavy clusters, they have a flattened form. USES The beans are roasted for a limited fresh ground coffee market. The bark can be made into pulp, parchment, manure and mulch. The pulp can be fed to cattle. It is mentioned as a possible agroforestry species. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. It may tolerate 21-30 days of mild drought. COMMON NAMES Coffee excelsa, Kafeng barako. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: C. liberica excelsa. Excelsa coffee originated in the Lake Chad area. It is recommended for altitudes between sea level and 750 m. With to much rainfall the plant tends to develop wood at the expense of flowers and fruits. One to 2 months of less than 50 mm rain facilitates uniform flowering. Heavy rain during and after harvest is not desirable. It will only flower when days are 13 hours or shorter. Well managed plantations may yield up to 1.2 t/ha.
SOURCES (C. excelsa L.)
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