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Rheum rhaponticum

Common namesrhubarb, Rabarber
Ecocrop code2454

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herbaceous plant with red or pink, succulent petioles and large leaves reaching up to 1 m in height. USES The petioles are used in pies and sauces. The refreshing juice can be fermented into wine. The rhizomes contain a purgative, chrysarobin. The leaves contain calcium oxalate and are poisonous. The plant also have medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Providing the first harvest after 2 years. Leaf petioles may be harvested when fully developed. COMMON NAMES Garden rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarbe, Ruibarbo, Rhabarber, Rabarber, Taii wong. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: R. hybridum, R. rhabarbarum. Garden rhubarb is commonly grown in temperate climates and in the tropics only elevations above 1000 m are suitable for cultivation. A diurnal variation in temperature between 4-24°C is beneficial to growth and development. At temperature obove 30°C, cultivars that normally exhibit a pink or red petiole colour, usually become green. The leaves are poisonous. Yields may range from 16-24 t/ha.
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