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Tragopogon porrifolius

Common namessalsify, oyster plant, vegetable oyster, purple goat's-beard, cercefi roxo, barba de bode
Ecocrop code2442

DESCRIPTION: A herbaceous plant reaching up to 1 m in height. Its long, slender, pointed, smooth, flat leaves are about 2.5 cm in width at the crown and are 25-30 cm long. Roots are 20-30 cm long, cylindrical, 2.5 cm or less in diameter, and salmon or brown in colour. Older roots possess a white, milky white sap. It produces purple to lilac flowers in the second year. USE: It is used in soups and stews; it can be boiled, cut into small pieces, and creamed like asparagus. It can be cut into long strips, boiled, and then fried in butter or mashed. GROWING PERIOD: Cool-season biennial herb. It is grown as an annual with culture similar to that for parsnips or carrots. It requires a long growing season of 120 to 150 days from seeding to harvest. COMMON NAMES: Salsify, Oyster-plant, Vegetable oyster. FURTHER INF: In semiarid regions, salsify requires irrigation. Rocky, shallow, or heavy clay soils tend to produce mis-shaped roots.
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