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Talinum triangulare

Authority(Jacq.) Willd.
SynonymsPortulaca triangularis Jacq., Portulaca racemosa L., Talinum racemosum (L.) Rohrb.
Common namespotherb fameflower, waterleaf, Surinam purslane, Ceylon spinach, sweetheart, grassé, poslen, krokot belanda, talina de Java, espinafre de Ceilao, kumu manus, talilong, galaghati, biala, som-kaoli, som-khon, som-chin, thoornhaan saam, cariru, lagos bologi
Ecocrop code2433

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: An erect herb with swollen roots and succulent stems, 30-100 cm tall. Leaves usually spathulate, 3-15 x 1-6 cm, entire or succulent. USES The leaves and shoots are usually consumed as a cooked vegetable. It is sometimes planted as an ornamental pot plant or as an edging plant in gardens. It has some medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. Harvesting may start 40-55 days after sowing and thereafter by taken with two weeks interval up to about six months. COMMON NAMES: Waterleaf, Surinam purslane, sweetheart, Grasse, Poslen, Krokot belanda, Kumu manus, Talilong, Galaghati, Biala, Som-kaoli, Som-khon, Son-chin. FURTHER INF: Scientific synonym: T. racemosum, Portulaca triangularis, P. racemosa. Waterleaf is probably native of tropical America, it has now become a weed with pantropical distribution. It occurs naturally on roadsides, waste places, and forests edges, from sea level up to 1000 m. It has a C4 photosynthesis pathway. Yields have been estimated to about 10 kg/m˝ per crop.
Siemonsma J 1993 pp 268-269 [LIMIT, USE, LIG TEMP, DRA, RAIN, TEXT, FER]