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Flacourtia indica

SynonymsFlacourtia ramontchi L'Herit
Common namesGovernor's plum, batoko plum, Indian plum, whip cane, jangoma, flacurtia
Ecocrop code2296

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A deciduous shrub or small tree reaching 6-15 m in height, often spiny. Fruit a globose to ellipsoid berry, about 1 cm in diameter, blackish-red. USES The fruit is edible but somewhat astringent. Infusions of the bark, root and leaves used as a gargle have medicinal properties. Plants are often grown as ornamental hedges. KILLING TEMP It may after a few years of growth withstand light frost. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. In India the flowers and leaves appear from December to April, and the fruits ripen from March to July. COMMON NAMES Governor's plum, Ramontchi, Rukam, Ciruela forastera, Flacourtie, Madagascar plum, Benchi, Baichi, Binja, Katai, Tanbat, Galgugal, Katamla, Yenkdi, Rankdi, Bench, Bhanber, Bhably gajale, Hanmunki, Bhaekal, Kaker, Bali-bhaincho, Kukai, Katia, Sottaikala, Gandregu, Duri rukem, Saradan, Baga, Kerkup kecil, Bitolgol, Bolong, Palutan, Krak hop nhii, Takhop-pa, Makwen-nok, Hong quan, Muon quan, An do. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: F. sepiaria, F. ramontchi, Gmelina indica. Governor's plum can be found from sea level and up to 700-1700 m of elevation. It is considered native of southern Asia and Madagascar and thrive in dry, open, barren places. It is important to grow several plants together, as single specimens do not fruit.
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