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Canna edulis

SynonymsCanna achiras Gillies
Common namesachira, edible canna, purple arrowroot, Queensland arrowroot, Australian arrow root, tous-les-mois, toloman, conflor, bahasa, achera, capacho, sugù, chisqua, adura, luano, gruya, tolumán, tikas, punyapong, kaska, piriquitoya, maraca, imocona, platanillo, cafiacoros, ganyong, lembong njeedra, seneetra, merù, birù manso, bery, imbiry, araruta bastarda, bandua de Uribe, adalut, kenyong, ubi gereda, zembu, sakhu chin, dong rieng
Ecocrop code2228

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An erect, tuberous, and herbaceous plant reaching 1.5-2.5 m in height, with broad leaved stems growing in clumps of 12 or more. The fleshy, branched underground stem grows to about 60 cm in length. USES The tubers contain 25% starch, they can be baked and eaten or used as feed for livestock. GROWING PERIOD Perennial herb, normally grown as an annual. Grows rapidly and harvesting usually start about 180 days after planting. Most of the crop, however, is harvested after 240-300 days. COMMON NAMES Edible canna, Gruya, Queensland arrowroot, Achira, Achera, Capacho, Sugu, Chisqua, Adura, Luano, Gruya, Toluman, Tikas, Punyapong, Kaska, Piriquitoya, Maraca, Imocona, Platanillo, Canacoros, Meru, Biru manso, Bery, Imbiry, Araruta bastarda, Bandua de Uribe, Purple arrowroot, Tous-les-mois, Toloman, Conflor, Ganyong, Lembong njeedra, Seneetra, Adalut, Ganyong, Kenyong, Ubi gereda, Zembu, Sakhu chin, Dong rieng. FURTHER INF Edible canna is probably native of the Andean Mountains in South America. At the equator, it can be found at elevations between sea level and 2900 m. Can become a weed. Average yields are about 22-50 t/ha and 85 t/ha have been obtained.
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