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Vicia faba

Common namesbroad bean, Windsor bean, faba bean, ackerbohne, pferde bohne, fève de Marais, fava, faveira, horse bean
Ecocrop code2146

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An erect, stiff, glabrous, herbaceous legume reaching 30-180 cm in height. The stem is stout, square and hollow. The plant has a vigorous tap root, leaves with 2-6 leaflets, white flowers with purple markings and fleshy green pods, up to 30 cm in length containing 2-6 seeds. USES It is grown for food, fodder and hay. The young immature seeds are cooked as a vegetable. The mature seeds are baked and eaten like peanuts, ground for adding to soups or used as animal feed. They are rich in minerals, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins. The plant can also be grown for green manure. KILLING T Spring cultivars may survive -10°C but are damaged by late frost. GROWING PERIOD Annual, that provides groundcover in 75-90 days, flowers after 79-90 days, and mature in 100-150 days. Immature pods can be 100 days from sowing, and beans after 120-150 days. COMMON NAMES Broad Bean, Horse Bean, Field Bean, Faba bean, Tick Bean, Feve, Feve de Marais, Feverole, Grosse Feve, Haba Caballar, Haba Comun, Ackerbohne, Feldbohne, Pferdbohne, Duiveboon, Groote Boon, Tuinbonen, Wierboon, Double Bean, Katjang Babi, Kacang babi, Ontjet, Pe-let-ma, Sant-to-pe, Tayok-pe, Tsaam Tau, Ful Masri, Aterbahari, Bagila, Bakela, Baldenga, Baidunga, Haba, Pacae, Sandusi, Thua yang. FURTHER INF Broad bean is a major grain legume in northern Europe, it is probably native to the Mediterranean region or southwestern Asia. It can be grown in the tropics as a winter crop or at high elevation but most cultivars are not adapted to low evaluation and pods are rarely produced here. In the tropics altitudes of between 1200-2500 m with a diurnal variation in temperature are preferable. Average yields of dry beans are in UK, winter beans, 3.1-4.37 t/ha, spring beans, 2.5-3.75 t/ha, Peru, 1.5-2.25 t/ha and Marocco 1.1-1.6 t/ha. Experimental yields of more than 7.0 t have been reported. Yields of fresh green pods vary from 11.25-12.5 t/ha and 25 t/ha have been reported. The plant can reach a height of 0.6-2.0 m. It require medium humidity. Photosynthesis pathway C 3.
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