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Ullucus tuberosus

SynonymsUllucus tuberosus Lozano, Ullucus kunthii Moq., Basella tuberosa HBK, Melloca tuberosa Lindl., Melloca peruviana Lindl.
Common namesulluco, melloco, oca quina, rubas (Ecuador), olloco, ulluca, ulluma (Argentina), papa lisas, lisas (Bolivia), olluco, papalisa (Peru), rubas, camarones de tierra, ruhuas (Colombia), micuche, miguri, ruba, tinquino (Venezuela)
Ecocrop code2120

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An erect, compact plant reaching 20-50 cm in height. Tuber shapes vary from spherical to cylindrical and colours range from white, light green, pink and orange to purple. USES The tuber is used in soups, with meat and in salads. Some varieties contain mucilage and need to be preboiled before using. It can be stored frozen or dried. GROWING PERIOD Grown as an annual, the growing cycle may be as short as 150 days, but 180-240 days is more common, and at high elevations 270 days or more is the norm. COMMON NAMES Ullucu, Ulluco, Ulluku, Ullus, Ulluma, Melloco, Olluco, Oca quina, Illako, Rubas, Rubia, Ruba, Tinquino, Timbos, Micuche, Mucuchi, Michuri, Michirui miguri, Camarones de tierra, Ruhuas, Hubas, Chuguas, Chigua, Papa lisas, Lisas, Olloco, Ulluca. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: U. kunthii, Basella tuberosa, Melloca tuberosa, M. peruviana. Ullucu is probably native of the Andean Mountains in Peru, Bolivia and northern Argentina. It is best adapted to moist conditions. Found at mid to high altitudes up to 4000 m in the Andean mountains, and from sea level in temperate climate. Daylengths of 10-13.5 hours are normally needed for tuber production, but there may, however, be daylength-neutral types. Yields are 5-9 t/ha of tubers.
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