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Trema orientalis

Authority(L.) Bl.
Common namescharcoal tree, gun-powder tree, mpesi, menarong, bulasisi, corgul
Ecocrop code2095

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small to medium-sized evergreen tree with straight spreading branches reaching a height of up to 18 m and a trunk diameter of 60 cm. USES Wood used for firewood, charcoal and gunpowder, and pulpwood. The bark contain fibers that can be used in ropes. The fruit is edible. The tree is utilized for shade in coffee plantations, as hedges, and as an ornamental. GROWING PERIOD Fast-growing and short-lived perennial. Withstands a dry season of up to 6 months. COMMON NAMES Charcoal tree, Gunpowder tree, Peach cedar, Poison peach, Woolly cedar, Gio, Chikan, Kapashi, Gedumba, Paw fin, Rough trema, Menarong, Menkira, Randangong, Tuku baroh, Anggerung, Kautu, Urajiroenoki, Jiban, Kargol, Ranambada, Oman, Gada-nelli, Anabiong. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: Sponia orientalis, S. wightii. Charcoal tree is native of India and Southeast Asia. It is found up to 2000 m in the Himalayas, but in the Philippines it is rare above 1000 m. It pioneers on forest clearings, landslips, and wherever the land has been disturbed. Charcoal tree can serve as reservoirs for populations of defoliating insect pests and thus may put at risk nearby plants of economic value. (pH estimated by the compiler).
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