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Marsilea quadrifolia

Common nameswater shamrock, water clover fern, marsilea, marsilia, water clover, European pepperwort, European waterclover, pepperwort, Australian four leafed clover
Ecocrop code18215

DESCRIPTION: It is a deciduous aquatic fern reaching 15-20 cm in height. From creeping rhizomes, thin green stalks rise to the water surface, each stalk bearing a single shamrock-like leaf with four wedge-shaped leaflets. It forms dense stands or random growing pattern. USE: It is used as food in Cambodia and in Australia it is much relished by livestock. It has medicinal properties and is used as an ornamental plant both in garden ponds and in aquariums. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. COMMON NAMES: Water shamrock, Water clover, European pepperwort. FURTHER INF: It can be found in shallow water of lakes, ponds, or quiet sections of rivers and streams and on wet shores. It is tolerant to a range of water conditions and requires a permanently moist or wet soil and thrives on muddy ground, loam or peat. It is native to Europe and was introduced to America in 1862 where it has escaped cultivation and naturalized in much of the north-eastern United States from Florida to Pennsylvania and west to Iowa and Missouri. In Asia it is found from Japan and China to Cambodia and Australia.