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Psidium cattleianum

SynonymsPsidium littorale Raddi
Common namescherry guava, Chinese guava, guava Chinese, strawberry guava, goyave de Chine, Cattley guava
Ecocrop code1803

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A bushy shrub or a small tree reaching 2-12 m in height. The fruit is a globose to obovoid berry, 2-4 cm long and red. USES The fruits are eaten raw or prepared into jelly, jam, custards, sherberts, wine, etc. It is often planted as an ornamnetal hedge. KILLING T May tolerate -4 to -6.5°C while dormant. GROWING PERIOD Perennial shrub, that come into bearing 3-6 years from planting. COMMON NAMES Strawberry guava, Cattley guava, Waiawi-'ula'ula, Wild guava, Purple guava. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: P. littorale, P. acre. Strawberry guava is native of lowland eastern Brazil. In Sri Lanka, it can be found at elevations between 700 and 1500 m and in the subtropics it can be grown between sea level and 300 m.
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