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Piper betle

SynonymsPiper chavya Buch. Ham., Chavica betle Miq.
Common namesbetel, betel leaf, betel leaf pepper, betel leaf vine, betel vine, betel pepper, Piper Folium, alfavaca de cobra, cobrinha, wara tumbul, buyo, buyo-buyo, buyo anis, ikmo, ikmong iloko, itmo, manin, buyog, buyu, gaoed, gaued, gok, kanisi(bisayan), manon(bisayan), lau, mjàu, thô lau dàng, trâu không, trâu cay, trâu luong, namat, nanin(bisayan), paan, pan, tambuli, tanbol, phlu, samat, samok, se keh, serih
Ecocrop code1710

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A tall, evergreen, glabrous, woody climber with swollen nodes and oval but pointed, light green leaves. USES The leaves are chewed together with the betel nut. It has medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD Perennial, that require 18-36 months to first harvest and with an economical life of about 20-50 years. COMMON NAMES Betel vine, Betel, Betel pepper. FURTHER INF Betel vine is native of Malaysia. It can be found at elevations between sea level and 1000 m. Need protection from high winds. The vine is often grown under irrigation. Yields may vary between 2-30 million leaves per hectare annually. Mentioned as a useful agroforestry species.
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