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Phaseolus coccineus

SynonymsPhaseolus multiflorus Lam., Phaseolus multiflorus Willd.
Common nameschamborote, chilipuca, cubaces, cub, frijol chamborote, haricot d'Espagne, runner bean, bean - runner, scarlet runner bean
Ecocrop code1665

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A vigorous, twining, herbaceous legume with stems up to 4 m long and with tickened or tuberous taproot. Dwarf forms produced by breeding. Red or sometimes white flowers, trifoliate leaves and up to 40 cm long flattened pods. USES Cultivated for its pods, seeds, and fleshy tap roots. Pods are cooked and seeds are usually dried. Young pods and dry beans can be processed as frozen or canned beans. The vines are also used as ornamentals. GROWING PERIOD Perennial, grown as an annual in temperate areas. Can be harvested for green pods 80-90 days from sowing and for mature seeds after 100-120 days. Life span from 2 to severel years. COMMON NAMES Scarlet runner bean, Runner bean, Haricot D`Espagne, Judia Escarlata, Judia Roja, Feuerbohne, Pronkboon, Sem, Sim, Urahi, Uri, Hung Fa T`soi Tau, Butterbean, Ayocote, Botol, Caraota Florida, Chiapas, Frijol Ayocote, Poroto de Espana, Poroto Pallar. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: P. multiflorus. Scarlet runner bean is considered to be indigenous to the Mexican and Central American highland. It can be grown at elevations from 1400-2800 m in the humid tropics and it does not fruit in tropical lowlands. Plants tend to drop flowers under dry conditions, and they are sensitive to wind. In Kenya it is grown at elevations between 2000-2500 m. It is growing well in humid areas and often interplanted with maize. In UK, yields of green pods are reported to average 9-14 t/ha. In Kenya, yields of dry seeds from smallholder production have been estimated to be about 0.9-1.5 t/ha.
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