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Passiflora mollissima

Authority(HBK) Bailey
SynonymsPassiflora tomentosa var. mollissima Tr. & Planch., Tacsonia mollissima Kunth, Tasconia mollissima H.B.K.
Common namesbanana passion, banana passionfruit, banana poka, poka, curuba, curuba de Castilla, curuba sabanera blanco, tacso, tagso, tauso, parcha, tumbo, tumbo del norte, trompos, tintin
Ecocrop code1638

BRIEF DESCRIPTION Softly pubescent climbing herb with deeply 3 lobed leaves and pink flowers of about 7.5 cm in diameter. The fruit is an ellipsoidal berry, 5-12 cm x 3-4 cm and yellow to dark green in colour. USES The fruit pulp is eaten fresh or prepared in drinks, ice-cream, desserts, etc. The plant is also cultivated as an ornamental. KILLING T Tolerates -5°C for brief periods and new shoots develop from the roots after frost injury. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. First crop 2 years after planting. COMMON NAMES Banana passion fruit, Curuba, Banana fruit, Tacsonia, Tacso. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: Tacsonia mollissima. The banana passion fruit is native of the Andean valleys from Colombia to Peru. In this area it can be found at altitudes between 1200 and 3400 m. It thrives in humid conditions. Well managed in Colombia it can produce 300-400 fruits per vine or 30-47 t/ha per year.
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