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Petasites hybridus

Authority(L.) G.M. & Sch.
SynonymsPetasites officinalis Moench., Petasites vulgaris Desf.
Common namesbutter bur, echte Pestwurz, Petasitidis folium, Petasiditisradix, pestskrå, pestilensrot, pestrot, skrå, Rote Pestwurz, Hjartablaðka (Iceland?), Etelänruttojuuri (Finish), Rød Hestehov (Danish), Tordenskræppe (Danish), Lækjepestro (Norwegian)
Ecocrop code15851

DESCRIPTION: It has large rounded leaves reaching over 1 m in diameter forming patches that cover big areas of ground. The leaf base is cordate, over side green and underside greyish pubescent. Inflorescences are pale red reaching up to 1.5 m in height. USE: Leaves and roots have medicinal applications. Roots are used against digestion and muscular problems. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. COMMON NAMES: Butter bur, Eechte pestwurz, Petasitidis folium, Rød Hestehov, Tordenskræppe, Rote Pestwurz. FURTHER INF: It thrives on moist ground in regions with relatively long, warm summers, and mild winters. Found along the river and stream sides and in the wet ditches along roads. With its large leaves it often monopolises stretches of river banks. Found in areas covered by snow usually 120 to 180 days where average temperature falls down to -15°C or less.
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