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Macadamia tetraphylla

SynonymsMacadamia ternifolia F.Muell., Macadamia integrifolia Maid & Betc.
Common namesQueensland macadamia, macadamia nut, mekatemia, Queensland nut
Ecocrop code1384

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small evergreen tree with long, narrow, thorny, leaves with toothed margins. USES Its primary use is as a rootstock. The nuts are of poorer quality than those of M. integrifolia and are not as important commercially. KILLING T The tree withstands mild frost when fully grown. Macadamia does not have a true dormant period. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Macadamia, Queensland nuts, Australian hazel nut, Australian nut, Bopple nut, Popple nut, Bush nut, Nut oak. FURTHER INF Macadamia is native to the coastal rainforests of southeastern Queensland, Australia and is home in the same type of climate as Coffea arabica. It can be grown from sea level in subtropical areas and up to 1500 m in elevation in the tropics. The tree tolerates low relative humidity, and there is no difference in flowering and fruit set between 2 and 40% relative humidity. Strong winds are harmfull due to the brittleness ot the wood. Cool nights induce flowering. Planting on steep slopes may cause erosion problems, and shelter from strong winds are desirable.
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