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Couma utilis

AuthorityMuell. Arg.
SynonymsCouma guianensis Aubl., Couma rigila Muell.
Common namessorva, milk tree, couma, sorva pequeña, sorveira, sorvinha
Ecocrop code127526

DESCRIPTION: It is a tree reaching 2-15 m or even 25 m in height with an ample and dense crown. Trees are generally smaller in open situations. All parts of the plant are rich in white and sweet latex. USE: The fruit is edible and the latex tapped especially from the trunk is used in chewing gum, varnishes and paints. The fruit and latex are collected from wild as well as cultivated plants. The tree has medicinal properties. The natives in the Peruvian Amazon use the latex to control amoebas, diarrhea, as antihelminthic), and to disinfect the navel of new-born babies, for skin irritations, and as an antiseptic. The tree is also planted as an ornamental. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. In the Amazon, the tree blossoms from August to May and fruits from November to February. COMMON NAMES: Sorva, Milk tree. FURTHER INF: The tree can be found wild in dense forest of virgin bushes, on flooded or dry land. Some varieties are spontaneous in the fields or campinas and secondary bushes, being frequent cultivated in the outskirts of Manaus. Often grown in dry non-flood zones, in or near fields and grasslands. Found at elevations between sea level and 500 m. In Brazil it can be found on white-sand soil on flooded as well as non-flooded areas.
EcoPort, Entity 127526, Unassigned Record, 2001