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Bothriochloa ischaemum

Authority(L.) Keng
SynonymsAndropogon ischaemum L.
Common names
Ecocrop code12709

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: A bunch grass, sometimes forming a sod with foliage from 30-80 cm and fertile culms from 1-1.5 m. With creeping root-stock, erect culms, simple or sparingly branched above. Leaves hairy at base. USES: Mostly used as permanent pasture, but can produce good hay. Good for soil conservation and reseeding eroded soils, producing excellent ground cover, even on infertile soils, and possessing an extensive root system. KILLING T: Winter-hardy. GROWING PERIOD: Warm-season perennial. COMMON NAMES: Yellow bluegrass, Plains blue-stem, King Ranch blue-stem, Turkistan blue-stem. FURTHER INF: Scientific synonym: Andropogon ischaemum. The natural habit of Yellow bluegrass is dry stony places, borders of fields and slopes. Adapted to a well-drained sandy soils (not deep sands), loams and clays. Prefers fine-textured, calcareous soils, and has some tolerance to low available iron. Has some salt tolerance, growing naturally onto saline solonetz soils. It is drought resistant, but has no tolerance of flooding. Dry matter yield are usually between 3-10 t/ha.
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