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Alisma plantago-aquatica

Common namescommon waterplantain, water plantain, padda-lepel, American waterplantain, great water-plantain, marsh drain, mad-dog weed, plantain d'eau ˆ flûteau, ratamosarpio, svalting, kranssvalting, vanlig svalting, chastukha podorojnikovaya, zabieniec babka wodna, vassgro, vejbred-skeblad, gewöhnlicher froschlöffel, waterweegbree, corr-chopag
Ecocrop code12200

DESCRIPTION: It is an aquatic herb reaching 90-120 cm in height rooting in the mud of lakes or slow streams, but with the leaves and flowers held above the water. USE: Fresh leaves and roots are toxic. The plant has many and varied medicinal uses including the alleged treatment of rabies, hence the common name "Mad-Dog Weed". Grown as an ornamental in garden ponds. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. COMMON NAMES: Great water-plantain, marsh drain, mad-dog weed. FURTHER INF: It is found in marsh and shallow waters of lakes and slow moving streams, in ditches, and on wet, boggy soils. It can become a weed problem in cultivated rice fields and will self-sow aggressively in suitable settings. Found in North America, Europe, Northern Asia, New Zealand and Australia.
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