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Heritiera littoralis

Common namesone one, mangrove
Ecocrop code1205

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium-sized evergreen tree reaching up to 25 m in height, usually with a twisted and stunted bole up to 40 cm in diameter. USES The timber is usually difficult to work, it is often used for rice pounders, other household articles and firewood, but sometimes also for piling, bridges and ship building. The wood is suitable for paper production, the bark contains tannin, and extract from the seeds has medicinal properties, the roots are used as fish poison and the fruits are edible. GROWING PERIOD Perenniel. COMMON NAMES Looking-glass tree, Pinle-kanazo, Mawtda, Chandmara, Sundrichand, Chomuntiri, Itik-itikan, Dungon, Dungun kecil, Dungun, Dungut laut, Dungon-late, Pinle-kanazo, Khleay, Khai khwai, Duhun, Ngonkai-thale. FURTHER INF Looking-glass tree is usually found along sea coasts down to the level of high tide, in the transition zone from mangrove to freshwater swamp, along tidal rivers and also where mangrove forests are absent, however, it also occurs at drier sites at elevations up to 600 m. (pH estimated by the compiler).
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