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Gossypium barbadense

Common namescotton, sea island cotton, long-staple cotton, Egyptian cotton, tit
Ecocrop code1158

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A subshrub with few or many strong ascending branches reaching a height of up to 2.7 m. It has large, deep yellow flowers and the seeds are covered with long, strong lint. USES The cotton fiber is used in quality textiles, luxury fabrics, yarns, and sewing thread. The seeds are pressed for an oil used on salads or as lard and butter substitutes. Expressed oil cakes can be used as fertilizer, stock feed, soaps, oil cloth, putty, and nitroglycerine. It can also be grown as an ornamental. GROWING PERIOD Perennial or annual. COMMON NAMES American pima cotton, Sea island cotton, American Egyptian cotton, Extra long staple cotton. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: G. peruvianum, G. vitifolium. American pima cotton is native of the Andean region of Peru, Ecuador and Clombia. In the tropics, it can be found at elevations between sea level and 1500 m or up to 2200 m. Sensitive to high winds and heavy rains. Photosynthesis pathway C3 II.
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