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Abutilon theophrasti

SynonymsAbutilon abutilon (L.) Rusby, Abutilon avicennae Gaertn. nom. illeg., Sida abutilon L.
Common namesChina jute, velvetleaf, velvet leaf, butter-print, pie-marker, piemarker, Indian mallow, Chinese lantern, malva blanca, malva de terciopelo, malva grande, yute de la China, jute de Chine, Lindenblättrige Schönmalve, Chinesische Jute, Chinesischer Hanf, Iuta cinese, swamp Chinese lantern, butterprint velvetleaf, chingma lantern, pie maker, buttonweed, butter print, velvet weed, Indian hemp, cotton weed, wild cotton, flower of an hour
Ecocrop code11067

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herb. USES It is grown as a fiber crop. The soft fiber obtained from the stems is blended with other fibers or used alone to produce sacks, ropes, and fishnets. GROWING PERIOD Annual, growing 75-140 days. COMMON NAMES China jute, Canapina, Ching-ma, Paima, Zaslazu, Ichibi, Indian mallow, Butterprint, Velvet leaf, American jute, Kanatik jute, Kanatnik, Tientsin jute. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: A. avicennae. China jute is native of China. In Russia in can be grown north to 56°N. It can become a weed in row-crop culture. Average production of green plants is about 12 t/ha, yielding 1.8-2.4 t/ha of dry retted fiber.
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