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Allium cepa var. aggregatum

AuthorityG. Don f.
Common namespotato onion, multiplier onion, Egyptian onion, topset onion, tree onion, Anian
Ecocrop code1096

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herb with an up to 50 cm tall pseudostem and 3-8 leaves, with bulbs up to 5 cm in diameter formed by the thickening of leaf-bases a short distance above the true stem. USES The bulbs are used as food, spice and seasonning. It is used fresh, pickled, cooked, or fried. It has medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD Annual. Ready for harvest after 60-100 days. COMMON NAMES Shallot, Potato onion, Echalote, Ascalonia, Chalote, Schalotte, Sjalot, Alubosa, Multiplier onion, Yabbas, Oignon patate, Bawang merah, Brambang, Bawang beureum, Bawang kecil, Lip anian, Sibuyas tagalog, Lasona, Cebollas, Khtum krahaam, Hoom bwax, Hom, Hom-daeng, Homlek. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: A. ascalonicum, A. cepa var. ascalonicum, A. cepa var. multiplicans, A. cepa var. solaninum. Shallot can in the tropics be grown at elevations between sea level and 2500 m. The optimum photoperiod varies from 12 hours for the short-day cultivars to 15 hours for the long-day cultivars. High temperatures encourage bulb formation, but flower formation and seed production are only possible where the bulbs are subjected to low temperatures. In the tropics, flower and seed formation will therefore only occur at higher elevations. A cool period promotes early leaf production. Moist soil is required throughout the growing period, but excessive soil water and high humidity encourage diseases. A dry period is required for curing the bulbs. Long days normally favour bulb development. Average fresh bulb yields in Indonesia is about 6 t/ha, under good growing conditions yields of 10-18 t/ha can be obtained.
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