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Xylocarpus granatum

Common namesmangrove
Ecocrop code10954

BRIEF DESCRIPTION Small to medium-sized, evergreen or
briefly deciduous, glabrous tree reaching of 7-15 m in
height, with a trunk diameter up to 0.8 m in diameter with
well-developed buttresses and an elaborated above ground
root system. USES The bark of the bole is rich in tannin.
It is used for tanning heavy hides, thoughening fishing-
nets and dying cloth. The wood is of good quality, but the
trunk is often crooked and hollow. The wood is used for
boat building, nails, house-posts, small objects, furniture
and firewood. Bark and seeds have medicinal properties.
GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Pinle on, Dhundol,
Karambola, Nyiri, Nyireh hudang, Nyireh bunga, Niris bunga,
Tabigi, Piagau, Kolimbaning, Cham'-puu praek, T'boon, Kra
buun, Khaao, Ta buun, Ta buun khaao, Xu'o'ng ca, Dang dinh.
FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: X. obovatus, X.
benadirensis, Carapa obovata. Pinle on can be found on
tidal mud of mangrove swamps, especially towards their
upper limits. Photosynthesis pathway C3.
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