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Xylia dolabriformis

Common names
Ecocrop code10952

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A tall deciduous tree than on good sites
can reach a height of up to 40 m and a girth of 3.6 m. USE
The wood is very heavy, hard and durable used for house and
bridge contruction and as railway sleepers. It is an
important timber tree in Myanmar. GROWING PERIOD Perennial.
COMMON NAMES Ironwood of Myanmar, Pyinkano, Pynkano, Pyin.
FURTHER INF Ironwood of Myanmar can be found in Myanmar and
Bangladesh at elevations up to 1000 m. It occurs on hilly
and undulatin country, but also on flat ground and thrives
on the lower slopes of hills and in well drained valleys.
The tree is a shade bearer, particularly in younth. It is
sensitive to drought when young. Annual wood production
potential is 10-20 m3/ha.
SOURCES (X. dolabriformis Benth.)
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