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Xanthosoma brasiliense

Authority(Desf.) Engler
Common names
Ecocrop code10941

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A plant with large long-petioled leaves arising to 30-60 cm from a poorly developed basal corm. USES The leaves and stems are eaten. The leaves can be boiled or added to soups; the stems are cut into about 1 cm long pieces, then boiled. They can be serve separately on the same plate as two different vegetables. A little vinegar added after cooking or oil, butter and salt improves the flavour. It is important to thoroughly cook the stems of this plant since they contain calcium oxalate crystals which cause the mouth and throat to sting. Can be canned as spinach. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. First harvest can be taken after 6-8 weeks. COMMON NAMES Belembe, Tahitian taro, Calalou. FURTHER INF Belembe is native of Brazil. It must be planted in a rich, damp, organic soil to grow well. It does well in flooded or poorly drained areas where other crops cannot grow. Leaf yields may be 20-50 t/ha. (pH estimated by the compiler).
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