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Vitex parviflora

AuthorityA. Juss.
Common namesmolave, small-flower chaste tree
Ecocrop code10885

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium to large tree which can reach a height of 20-30 m and a trunk diameter of 100-150 cm. It has an open, widely spreading crown. Tall trees has pronounced buttresses. USES The timber is strong and durable, used for house construction, ship building, wagons, bridges, cabinets, yokes, plows, salt water pilings, railway material, and agricultural impliments. Leaves are fed to livestock. Wood and bark have medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD Slow growing perennial. Withstands a dry season of 6-7 months. COMMON NAMES Molave, Camugauan, Amauauan, Tagpa, Sagat, Sagat-babai, Aliau, Borauen, Malabalinanao, Bulaon, Mulawin, Hamuraoa, Amamaban, Marauin, Himurauon, Tugas, Malaoam, Bungkalion, Lauhan, Amuyaon, Anla, Burikan, Molave-baty, Kalipapa, Kulimpapa, Ambulauon-baty. FURTHER INF Molave is native of the Philippines, it was once very common especially on low coastal hills. Mentioned as a possible agroforestry species. It is undesirable near teak plantations as it serves as an alternative host to the teak defoliator. (pH estimated by the compiler).
SOURCES (V. parviflora A. Juss.)
Hensleigh T 1988 pp 342-345 [LIG, FER, TEXT, DRA, DEP, TEMP, RAIN, LIMITS, USE]