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Vaccinium corymbosum

SynonymsVaccinium constablaei A. Gray
Common nameshigh-bush blueberry, swamp blueberry, American blueberry, blueberry, mirtilho dos pantanos, airelle d'Amérique, amerikanische Blueberry, arándano americano
Ecocrop code10704

DESCRIPTION: Highbush blueberry is a crown-forming deciduous shrub with two to five stems arising from a single bole. It typically grows from 2-3 m in height. The fruit is a sweet, juicy, blue-black berry about 7 to 10 mm in diameter, containing several small seeds (nutlet) about 1.2 mm long. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial, growing 3 years to first bearing, and with a minimum period of about 160 days from flowering to harvest. COMMON NAMES: Highbush blueberry, Swamp blueberry. FURTHER INF: It occupies numerous habitats but seldom occurs as community dominant. Two habitats where it occurs as a dominant or codominant are open swamps or bogs and high-elevation balds. It require about 100-400 hours of temperatures less than 5-7°C to overcome the dormancy period. It require cool nights during the fruit-ripening period. It is intolerant of shade. It is frequently found at relatively low elevations along the edges of swamps and bogs; along the sandy margins of lakes, ponds, and streams and within open areas of moist woods. Plants can withstand extended periods of flooding.
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