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Feijoa sellowiana

SynonymsFeijoa sellowiana var. rugosa Mattos
Common namesfeijoa, pineapple guava, Brazilian guava, mountain guava, fig guava, guavasteen, New Zealand banana, guayabo del pais, guayabo grande, guayabo chico, goiaba serrana, goiaba verde, goiaba abacaxí
Ecocrop code1068

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A branched, evergreen bush or small tree reaching 3-5 m in height. The trunk is cylindrical and the leaves 2-5 cm long and 1-3 cm wide. The fruit is oblong or spheroid, 5-8 cm long, 3-7 cm in diameter and green to yellow in colour. USES The fruit is similar to pineapple in flavour. It is consumed fresh when fully ripe, as paste, jam, jellies, crystallized fruit or preserved in syrup and liqueur. It can also in soft drinks and ice cream. The tree can be planted as an ornamental. KILLING T May survive -10°C when dormant, but in the autumn it is damaged by -1°C and killed by -5°C. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Requires 4-5 years from planting to first harvest. COMMON NAMES Feijoa, Pinapple guava, Quayabo del pais, Guayabo grande, Guayabo chico, Goiaba serrana, Gioaba verde, Goiaba abacaxi. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: F. sellowiana var. rogusa, Acca sellowiana. Feijoa is native of southern Brazil, northeasten Argentina, Uraguay and easten Paraguay. In Brazil it cccurs in areas above 500 m in elevation.
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