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Trifolium nigrescens

Common namesball clover, trefle noircissant, schwarzwerdender klee, trifoglio annerente
Ecocrop code10538

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herbaceous, low growing legume with long succulent, prostrate to partially erect, branching stems that may reach a length of 75 cm. It has white to yellowish white fragrant flowers. The plant is similar to white clover. USES It is grown for pasture and soil improvement. GROWING PERIOD Annual legume. Usually sown in early fall, and grassed January-May. It begins spring growth later than most other annual clovers with essentially all the forage production occurring in April and May. In the Gulf Coast area growth begins in early March. COMMON NAMES Ball clover. FURTHER INF Ball clover is native of the western Asia and eastern Mediterranean region. Forage production is dependent on good moisture conditions because it has poor drought tolerance. Ball clover is a small seeded clover with poor seedling vigor but excellent reseeding ability. Dry forage yields are recorded at 2.5-7.5 t/ha.
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