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Eucalyptus grandis

AuthorityHill ex Maid.
Common namesrose gum, flooded gum
Ecocrop code1021

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A tall to very tall evergreen forest tree usually 40-55 m, but can reach up to 75 m in height, with a trunk diameter of 120-200 cm or even 300 cm. The form is generally good with a clear, straight bole often 1/2 or 3/4 of the tree height. USES The timber is used for poles, house construction, boxes, mine timber, veneer, and pulpwood. It makes a good firewood. It is an ornamental and shade tree and a good source of honey. Mentioned as a possible agroforestry species. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Can be grown with a 6-15 years coppice rotation, or a 20 years timber rotation. The usual rotations in Kenya are 6 years for domestic fuelwood, 7-8 years for telephone poles, and 10-12 years for industrial fuelwood. Height growth of 2 m per year are common. Withstands droughts of up to 3 months. COMMON NAMES Flooded gum, Rose gum, Toolur, Rosegum eucalyptus, Turpentine-gas. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: E. saligna var. pallidivalvis. In Australia, the tree can be found at elevations from sea level to 800 m, and in Kenya, it is grown up to 2700 m. The species is indigenous to eastern Australia from northern New South Wales to northern Queensland. The tree occur naturally within the latitudinal range of 16-33°S. It can be found on flats or lower slopes of deep, fertile valleys. The plant is sensitive to boron deficiency, the symptoms being those of drought stress, which may be a problem on old tropical soils, however this easily cured. Sudden freezing is very damaging for the tree, it is very sensitive to fire and have a slight tolerance of salt winds. Annual wood production potential is 17-70 m3/ha.
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